How To Install Replace Headlight 09 Chevy Silverado

Today we’re gonna be swapping out some 6000 Katie tried the lights for some 4300 KKK the light. This is gonna be the easiest installation that you will ever have to do. And. This is a 09 Silverado headlights. The Chevy headlights are held in by these 2 pins are here. As you can see it’s gonna be a super easy installation just pop open his pants. Pull them out of the housing and that’ll give you access to remove the headlight. She is one more time from another angle. The. Simply pull the pins opened.

09 silverado headlightsPull them out of the housing. And the house was pretty much fought right now it’s a give you access to. Changing the headlight bald. Tom in this case we’re gonna be removing. Each edible. And the current balance the. Bold and balance. This I You We are going to be replacing the CJD kit was then own ex. HM kids go and teach actors. It’s very straightforward it comes with 2 bolts to balance. A couple of useless. Wires it ties. That’s about it I The 09 Silverado headlights pulled over 9006 pulled. IGN Simple Turn it to undoing and personable been. And Turned the opposite direction lot close. I This is the only ex slim ballast. The pretty standard 9 volt Portugal hold. 35 what ballots.

I like this one dollars best myself because the computer now. You want to make sure that when you’re connecting the plug that deposit is always to the positive wired negative is always to the negative wire. In most cases that would be the red with the red and the black with black. That’s not always the case but it is for this 2004 Chevy suburban. Not a but the headlight housing back simply just. Stick it back in place wind up the tabs. But those 2 pins back through the whole. And you’re all set. I You Slight WNED really. Instead of just not make sure they work. If they don’t they don’t take the second part of back out. Check we need to check. Redundant. But. When is both start up it’s usually didn’t have a bluish tint to it. As they start to. Cool down early is what they’re doing. Then they will have a mostly white little yellow. But there she for great. Again this is an old next weekend you like it. 351 for 2009 Chevy suburban.