The protective covering of the car.

protective carTo create an additional barrier to aggressive environmental factors protective car cover is commonly used. It is applied to the paint layer and serves as a protection against moisture, salt and corrosive chemical compounds contained in air. Protective coatings are divided into two main types – wax and polymer.

Car polish is based on paraffin wax or polymeric, which is considerably cheaper. This material comes in the form of paste, liquid or express-aerosol, so its application to housing is available even for novice motorists. This coating transforms the appearance of the car – hide minor imperfections, makes it a perfect gloss and glossy shine. Often, wax polishes are used on the eve of car sales to create an impressive visual effect. However, these coatings weak protect the body and are washed off after a visit of the car wash.

Much more durable is polymeric protective covering of the car based on urethane or teflon. Depending on the season it can last up to three months and the individual samples are kept at the correct use can work up to six months.